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BattleFin Discovery Day Intrepid 2017

Are you looking for alpha generating strategies?  Don't miss the BattleFin Discovery Day One-on-One Meetings 

BattleFin Discovery Day's private event where Investors, Managers, Data Providers and Systematic & Data Driven Hedge Funds come to find Alpha, Capital and Funding.


 As an Investor you will be able to meet the selected alpha generating strategies that BattleFin has previously considered and validated. The BattleFin One-on-Ones between managers and investors are set up to match the right people and aim to organically foster long-term relationships that mutually benefit both parties.


BattleFin Discovery Day Intrepid 2017 not only will introduce you to new sources of alpha it also will bring you the opportunity to learn more about how BattleFin can help you connect with the best liquid investment strategies in the world offering reliability and transparency.


How can you participate?

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