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BattleFin Discovery Day Intrepid 2017

Are you looking for showcasing your strategy?  Don't miss the BattleFin Discovery Day Intrepid 

BattleFin Discovery Day's private event where Investors, Managers, Data Providers and Systematic & Data Driven Hedge Funds come to find Alpha, Capital and Funding.


 As an Emerging Manager you will be able to meet vetted investors looking for the best alpha generating strategies and get to know how BattleFin will bring you a boost. The BattleFin Discovery Day is set up to match the right people and aims to organically foster long-term relationships that mutually benefit both parties. The BattleFin Top Strategies receive allocations live at the Event and an Invitation to Join BattleFin's Incubator.


*Join the Stadium for free so we can validate your numbers and see if you generate Alpha.


How can you participate?

Flight School Registration $495 before May 1 $ 995 until June 1 & $1,995 afterwards



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