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The World's Best Data Scientists Participated in the Big Data Combine Engineered by BattleFin


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Meet the Big Data Combine Contestants

9,031 entries from 458 teams from 43 countries battled for the crown of the BattleFin Big Data Combine Champion. The 9 Finalists presented their strategies at the Big Data Combine event on Miami Beach, Florida, on October 25, 2013. 

Big Data is becoming the most coveted resource of the 21st century. BattleFin believes that "Data Wildcatting" will become the next "gold rush" for our industry.

BattleFin's new class of tournaments is crowdsourcing liquid investment strategies using Big Data analytics. BattleFin put crowdsourcing and big data to the test and plans on launching a venture capital initiative to invest partner capital in the early stage predictive models used to design innovative liquid hedge fund strategies.

The Big Data Combine event on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach showcased the best strategies in a high-energy atmosphere, strobe lights, music, and a cutting-edge fashion show sponsored by Warrior.

Contestants came from all over the world and were flown in from as far as Russia.

Reps from Fin-tech companies like Equametrics, venture capital firms, like Rokk3er Labs, Hedge funds, investors, software companies and technology companies like RavenPack and Deltix were impressed by the energy and quality of the strategies.

The live event in Miami attracted over 140 tech, venture capital and data scientists. Many were seeking to gain an understanding of how big data will affect finance.


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