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Top 5 things you need to be Investable

1.  A differentiated strategy:  You need to be able to explain why your investment strategy is different.  

2. A presentation: 1 page summary & Due Diligence Questionnaire.  If you can’t explain what you’re doing in a clear concise manner your great strategy will most likely go unnoticed.  Here is the presentation template we like:

3.  Legal understanding for setting up correctly as an RIA or Hedge fund to legally raise capital. We are doing a conference call to better understand these topics with one of the top Hedge Fund lawyers Marc LoPresti if you are interested click here:

4.  Capital:  Every investor will ask how much skin in the game you have.  If the answer is $0 it is going to be a difficult road.  If it is small amount, talk about it as a percentage of your net worth.  

5. Track Record:  Being able to point to how your strategy has done on live capital is key.  If you only have a backtest it is going to be difficult.  Getting 3rd party verification of your strategy is another route.  We have developed a category at BattleFin called Launch to help in this regard. Learn More on our Website

*This should not be construed as investment advice

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