BattleFin Discovery Day London 2018

Are you looking for unique data sets? Don't miss BattleFin Discovery Day Data One-on-Ones

BattleFin's London event will focus on European as well as Global Data Providers and Data Buyers and VCs that are active in the Alternative Data space.

If you are a Data-centric, Quant, quantamental, fundamental or long only asset management firm interested in alternative data or a VC looking to fund Alternative Data companies or use alternative data to improve your investment process, you should attend the London event.

Data Buyer registration is open to hedge funds and buy-side professionals only.


The BattleFin Data One-on-Ones between data providers and data buyers will bring top level data buyers like you to London and match the right people with interesting new data sources. Meetings are 15 minutes in duration with up to 10 One-on-One meetings during the event.

Why Choose Data Buyer Plus?

Data Buyers can buy a Plus ticket and get curated meetings to help them meet with the most appropriate data providers and make the best use of their time at the event.  Both Data Buyer and Data Buyer Plus registrants can access the scheduler and request meetings, but Plus Buyers will get additional help with their meetings.  


Private one-on-one meeting area

We will also have interesting panels showcasing new data stream providers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Data panel at Versace-1

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  • Includes 1 attendee ticket
  • Up to 18 One-on-One meetings with Data Providers
  • Includes 1 attendee ticket
  • Up to 18 One-on-One meetings with Data Providers
  • Data Buyer Plus Tickets receive personalized assistance and curated schedule to meet the most appropriate Data Providers

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