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Insights & Innovations BattleFin Hosts First Corporate Discovery Day

Insights and Innovations: Recap of BattleFin's Corporate Discovery Day Event


November 2nd, 2023 – Lavan Midtown, NYC

In the heart of New York City, at the technologically infused venue of Lavan Midtown, with its impressive floor-to-ceiling projections, industry leaders gathered for BattleFin's first-ever Corporate Discovery Day Event. On November 2nd, 2023, an assembly of experts from renowned companies came together to discuss the ever-evolving role of data in shaping business strategies.

The Power of Data Analytics and Governance

Henry Schein: The day kicked off with insights from Daniel Entrup of Henry Schein, who brought to the forefront the critical need for data-driven ROI before investments. A proactive approach to budgeting that echoes the broader company goals was underscored, along with an unwavering commitment to data governance and privacy.

Vertical Knowledge:Rayne Gaisford of Vertical Knowledge carried the torch, presenting their adept skills in harnessing data from the retail and used car markets. The emphasis was on the merger of company-internal data with extensive pre-processed web-scraped data, painting a fuller picture for strategic decision-making.

Human Capital and Environmental Data

Revelio Labs: Ben Zweig from Revelio Labs steered the conversation towards the human element within corporations. By dissecting employment analytics, Revelio Labs posited a firm's human capital costs and provided deeper understanding through advanced analytics.

Weather Source: Weather patterns and their influence on business operations were artistically outlined by Craig Stelmach from Weather Source. Their predictions offer a granular view at the SKU/Store level, furnishing businesses with actionable data to tune their AI/ML algorithms for improved customer product recommendations.

Economic Indicators and Digital Customer Journey


Institute for Supply Management: Representing the Institute for Supply Management, Denis Wolowieckiturned the audience's attention to the macroeconomic indicators reflected in their data, forecasting the health and trends of markets.

CyberSyn: Alexander Izydorczyk from CyberSyn delved into the intricacies of the digital customer journey, demonstrating the importance of synthesizing diverse data streams into cohesive insights, with a nod to Snowflake for its data management capabilities.

Focusing on ROI and Real-Time Data

Domo: Mohammed Aaser of Domo illuminated the session with discussions on ROI-driven strategies, spanning forecasting to risk management, and the critical understanding of decision-makers' psychological profiles.

BIScience: A video presentation from BIScience expanded on the digital intelligence realm, offering a window into consumer behaviors and transactions across the digital sphere, bolstered by their comprehensive ad intelligence tools and real-time eCommerce data.

Broadening the Data Conversation

The event further expanded with discussions from John Edge of Broadhaven, John Harmon of Coresight Research, and Anduril Partners, where the utility of first-party data, alternative data use cases, and the importance of such data in the corporate sector were thoroughly explored.

This Corporate Discovery Day was more than a confluence of minds; it was a blueprint for the future of data in business. Each presentation was not only a lesson in the current state of data analytics but also a forecast of where data is steering the ship of corporate decision-making.


For attendees seeking to deepen their engagement or to participate in upcoming events, BattleFin remains an open door at And as we anticipate next year's happenings, BattleFin's 2024 event lineup promises to bring even more to the table, forging paths for the future of corporate data usage.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure you're a part of the next wave of data-driven transformation!

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