Ensemble is a global platform leveraging technology

to connect the world of Alternative Data.

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BattleFin Believes in Accessible and Global Data Sourcing.

Alternative Data should not be hard to find or difficult to use!

BattleFin helps firms  use alternative data to find insights and make better decisions. Understand competitors, identify and avoid supply chain issues, and understand the customer's full journey by connecting to the most cutting-edge data providers globally.

  • Increase revenue growth
  • Cut costs
  • Improve operations


Key Ensemble Features

BattleFin's unique offerings simplify and speed up the process of sourcing and buying Alternative Data.
Data Provider Catalog




Utilizing our global event series and an in-house team of data evaluators, Ensemble’s catalogue is continuously updated with qualified data sets from all over the world. Our aim is to be the largest and most trustworthy alternative data platform—streamlining research and transactions between data buyers and data providers globally.

With over 2,400 data sets from nearly 800 data providers around the world, and more being added every week, Ensemble is an extremely useful tool and a great resource for global alternative data sourcing.


Data Product Profile Pages

Ensemble__0002_profileHere you can see an actual sample data product profile page typical of what you will find on Ensemble. It contains all the relevant information about a provider at a glance, with things like product summaries, dataset specifications, relevant insights and even ideas on how the data can be used. Users can check out raw data by clicking the "Access on Ensemble Now" button. 

The Ensemble Platform allows data buyers to access and leverage a secure research environments (Sandbox) to test full historical data products prior to purchase. 

Unlimited Virtual CONNECT Meetings

A CONNECT is our name for video meetings generated through Ensemble. 

When you identify a data provider you like, you simply select one of their available meeting times using the “Request Meeting” button on Ensemble, where calendar scheduling capabilities will open based on the providers selected availability. BattleFin then creates the meeting and provides a private virtual video conference room.

Custom Data Dashboards

Ensemble team builds dashboard to showcase insights from a specific dataset based on a user or data provider request. These dashboard can be used to see trends, make investments and manage risk.  The  dashboard are available to all our paid subscribers.  

Data Quality Reports

BattleFin's Data Quality Reports are designed to help your firm understand your data product quality better. The BattleFin Ensemble platform is built to help data buyers test, evaluate and purchase alternative data at scale, and these reports are used daily by our Ensemble Data Buyers to evaluate products launched on Ensemble.

The BattleFin's team has developed a  standardized process that evaluates each data product across a range of parameters to make it easier to compare products and see what meets your needs. The Data Quality Scorecard  includes:

  • Metadata Summary
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Data Completeness

Check out an example of a Data Quality Report HERE.

This feature is only available on paid plans.

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