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Showcase Your Innovation: BattleFin's 2024 Alternative Data Challenge for Corporate Users

Unveiling the BattleFin Alternative Data Challenge for Corporate Users – A Gateway to Innovation and Recognition

Welcome to the BattleFin Alternative Data Challenge – Corporate 2024 Edition, a competition designed to spotlight the most innovative and unique alternative data providers catering to corporate markets. As the world of data continues to expand, the demand for high-quality, actionable insights has never been greater. This competition offers a platform for data providers to showcase their products and potentially transform their market presence.

Learn More: https://www.battlefin.com/data-challenge-2024-corporate-chicago

How It Works

Apply: Data providers are invited to apply for free to this prestigious competition. The application process involves a simple sign-up where you submit basic information about your firm and update your product details on BattleFin’s alternative data platform, Ensemble. Each firm can enter up to three products into the competition. Detailed instructions will be provided after your initial submission.

Ready to Apply: https://web.battlefin.com/competition-corporate-2024

Evaluation: A distinguished panel of judges from prestigious firms will review the applications by October 1, 2024. Submissions are evaluated on a rolling basis, so applying early enhances your chances of selection. Judges will score each product based on novelty, application use cases, and completeness. The top-scoring product from each firm will move on to the next stage of the competition, with further rankings and selections made per category.

Selections: Up to five finalists will be chosen to present their data solutions at BattleFin Discovery Day in Chicago. Finalists enjoy numerous benefits, including stage presentations, tables in the innovation zone at the event, and a Gold sponsorship at a future Discovery Day event in London or Miami.

Competition Rounds and Scoring

  • Initial Qualification: Based on the information submitted for each product.
  • First Round: Scoring is based on documentation of the product’s novelty, application use cases, and completeness. Products that effectively demonstrate how their data can enhance operational efficiencies and open up new opportunities will receive higher scores.
  • Second Round: Finalists will deliver a brief 5-minute presentation and demonstrate any analytics dashboards or insights at the Chicago event. This presentation is crucial in demonstrating the real-world application and value of the data.

Discovery Day – A Haven for Data Providers

Discovery Day isn’t just about competition; it's a valuable networking opportunity. As a participant, you will:

  • Create a profile on the BattleFin Ensemble platform, making your data accessible to thousands of potential buyers.
  • Gain tailored meeting schedules with data buyers, enhancing your visibility and business opportunities.
  • Increase brand awareness and establish thought leadership within the alternative data community.
  • Calculate the tangible ROI from event participation.

For newcomers to BattleFin, the New Data Provider Spotlight offers a chance to be featured on stage, presenting your data products to a vast audience of data buyers and industry leaders.

This competition is more than just a challenge; it's a spotlight on the future of alternative data in corporate decision-making. Join us to demonstrate how your data can shape the future of industries and elevate market standards. Don’t miss this chance to be recognized as a leader in the transformative world of alternative data.

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