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Why Generative AI for Data Sourcing?

Introducing the most advanced generative AI tool, designed to take the Ensemble data catalog to the next level. Get ready to easily search and find data you need, with unmatched precision and speed simply by describing your goals or research project.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand your queries, it generates relevant results from the data catalog whether you're searching for consumer trends, supply chain data, or predictive models.

Chat GPT For Data Sourcing

Ensemble AI is an AI-powered chatbot that simplifies the product discovery experience by allowing users to find products through a conversational interface.

With this interface, users can easily browse and search through product catalogs, ask questions about products, compare and receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences.


Transforming Data Catalogs with the Power of AI

Converse with the data catalog to find the right answers. Set parameters, format the results, and filter the data to surface desired products.

"Easier than ever to find data that delivers actionable and valuable insights" - Tim Harrington, CEO BattleFin

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