Curated Video Meetings | Access to Virtual Discovery Day December | The Year Ahead in Alternative Data

December 8th - 10th | 10 AM - 12 PM ET daily


FULL ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT SESSIONS FOR VIRTUAL DISCOVERY DAY on December 8th - 10th AND UNLIMITED On-Demand Meetings with the worlds best data providers

In our never ending quest to help you find highest-quality, most alpha-generating alternative datasets, BattleFin is leading the industry and changing the virtual meeting game once again. After our last virtual event, we saw an INCREASE in demand for meetings, which made us redesign the process to make the ‘connections’ more ‘on-demand’ instead of restricting meetings to a fixed timeframe. We’re calling it BattleFin Ensemble CONNECT.
Find Customers Globally


Each meeting is qualified as 1 CONNECT - and as long as you're on the ENSEMBLE platform, you have as many as you need... Unlimited CONNECTS.

Data Sourcing

Focused on You

Let BattleFin know what type of data you're looking for and we'll help you get face-to-screen time with some of the best data sources in the world.

Meeting Scheduler Access

No Time Constraints

You find a data provider you like and select one of their available times, BattleFin creates the meeting and provides a private virtual video conference room. Simple.

Check out the Agenda:

VDD December 2020 Agenda


* CONNECTs are UNLIMITED On-Demand Video Meetings +
   Data Sourcing & Testing through Ensemble
      Video Conferencing Access Provided by BattleFin CONNECT
* What Specific Answers, KPIs, or Signal are you Looking For?
      We'll Help Match you with Datasets that Make the Most Sense for you
      We'll Encourage Providers to Come Prepared with Exploration Kits and Use Cases
* Access to ALL Webinar Sessions during Discovery Days

Ensemble Pricing for Data Buyers


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Please note: All registrations are subject to approval by BattleFin and BattleFin may at its sole discretion determine attendee classification type and may deny or cancel any registration for any reason at any time.

Data Buyer registration is open to hedge funds, asset management firms, VC, P/E, corporate data buyers and buy-side professionals only.  The event is not open to sell-side or Investment banking firms.

By registering and requesting meetings with Data Providers on Ensemble, YOU ARE AGREEING to share your contact information with the data providers you have requested meetings with for the event.