Looking for Unique Data Sets?

If you're a Fundamental, Data-centric, Quant, Quantamental, or long-only asset management firm interested in alternative data, this event is a must-attend!

Alternative Data Discovery Day is the biggest gathering of eager data providers and buyers in the United States, and Miami will be no different. We're targeting 100 data providers from around the world to meet one-on-one with data buyers like you. 


One-on-One Meetings with Pre-Vetted Data Providers

Our events focus on finding you datasets. Rather than being stuck in the Vendor Hall, meet one-on-one with pre-vetted alternative data providers who want to learn about your company.


Find Customers Globally

Let BattleFin know what type of data you're looking for and we'll help you get in front of the best data sources.


Meeting Scheduler Access

Data Buyers receive curated meetings to maximize opportunity to get in front of the best data sources. Up to 12 meetings in Miami.


Finance Focus

Let us help you target the right types of data based on your needs and capabilities to ingest data.

We'll Help Find the Best Data Sets for Your Investment Process

Our alternative data events have proven highly efficient, bringing data providers and top level hedge funds and investment firms face-to-face to foster long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Each data provider will have a table to conduct one-on-one meetings. Potential hedge fund customers rotate between tables every 15 minutes (think speed dating for Alpha). There are typically 9-12 meeting slots per day of the event.

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Or contact events@battlefin.com or call Todd Schwendiman at (203) 621-7950.



  • Includes 1 attendee ticket
  • Up to 12 One-on-One meetings with Data Providers
  • Includes one attendee ticket
  • Data Buyer Plus Tickets receive personalized assistance and curated schedule to meet the most appropriate Data Providers
  • Up to 12 One-on-One meetings with Data Providers

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