All-in-one data sourcing, evaluation,
and purchasing platform

A Powerful Alternative Data Platform

With over 900 product profiles from over 650 data providers, Ensemble is a global data platform that facilitates the testing, evaluation and purchasing of top alternative data at scale

Utilizing our global event series and an in-house team of data evaluators, Ensemble’s catalogue is continuously updated with qualified data sets from all over the world. Our aim is to be the largest and most trustworthy alternative data platform—streamlining research and transactions between data buyers and data providers globally.


Rapid Data Set Testing & Purchasing

Stop chasing papers for 6 months every time you want to test a new data set. As a platform that handles data ingestion, monitoring, cataloging and much more, Ensemble allows buyers to easily browse data sets from our extensive list and put them into a sandbox environment for testing.

Data buyers can then purchase data sets directly on the platform, using our streamlined agreement and purchase process which provides:

  • ONE Testing Agreement
  • ONE Non-disclosure Agreement
  • ONE Compliance questionnaire
  • ONE Bill

Types of Data on Ensemble

Who is Ensemble for?


Data Buyers

CEOs, COOS, CDOs, Analysts, etc. from top hedge funds and investment firms, and investors looking to invest in data companies or better Business Intelligence.


Data Providers

Alternative data providers with unique data sets that can help investment managers and VCs generate alpha.


The Ensemble x Discovery Day Advantage

Discovery Day is BattleFin’s global event series that happens 4 times every year across multiple cities, bringing together top AI and Alternative Data Providers to showcase the latest data sets to create alpha.

The Ensemble platform enables prospective buyers to conduct research on data providers and provides tools for follow-up after an initial meeting. Face-to-face meetings with hands-on data.


Data Providers; Need a Boost?

Accelerator is designed to help you perfect your pitch, find new customers and monetize your data with direct prospect meetings as well as digital access to the largest Alternative Data Market Network.

Whether you're a new data provider looking to quickly establish your name and offerings, or an established firm hoping to find new customers and speed-up your sales cycle - BattleFin's Accelerator Services are a great option.

Add-ons & Testing Tools