October 27th, 2020 | 10AM - 12PM, Eastern Daylight Time
Sector-Based Content + BattleFin Ensemble & CONNECT Meetings = ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS

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Get Ready for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections

How will the U.S. president for the next 4 years affect stock prices and real estate trends? We won't know until the results of the 2020 election are released, but we can make some predictions based on insights derived from alternative data. 

For this iteration of our Virtual Discovery Day events, we'll be focusing on the U.S. presidential elections and real estate trends. What does the alternative data tell us? Tune in to find out!

Join us from wherever you are for content sessions on October 27, 2020 from 10AM-12PM ET. 

30 minute One-to-One CONNECT meetings will be held in the afternoons between 1PM - 4PM. 

Our One-to-One Meetings are now available ANYTIME - we call them CONNECTS.
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  • 10:00AM The Final Countdown!
    Last Minute Election Insights, Swing States, and Media Sentiment
  • 10:30AM The Perfect Storm:
    Severe Weather; COVID-19; and Climate Change: Impact on Retail; Insurance; and Real Estate Property Owners
  • 11:00AM Remote Work Fuels Suburban Real Estate;
    Nesting Beneficiaries; New Housing Starts Accelerating
  • 11:35AM Fly on the Wall!
    Access Live Geopolitical & Economic Events in Real-Time to Manage Positions Prior to the News Headlines!

Data NOW.

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Based on our most recent 'State of the Alternative Data Market' survey, we know both buyers and sellers complain about the time consuming sales process with data.

Ensemble was built to overcome this problem with a single set of standard testing agreements allowing buyers to quickly access multiple data providers on a meaningful level. While others are networking, Ensemble is allowing buyers to access data NOW.

CONNECT Meetings are live.

Connect meetings
are now live.

CONNECT Meetings on YOUR Schedule:

You choose the times you’re available to meet in Ensemble. BattleFin sources data buyer leads who choose one of your times to meet. BattleFin creates the meeting and provides a private virtual video conference room for it to happen. Simple.



The Ensemble Advantage

Data Providers on Ensemble get Additional Benefits:

On its own, BattleFin’s Ensemble platform is a great tool for marketing and selling data. NOW, its true power comes into the spotlight as we are running One-on-One video conference meetings called 'CONNECTs' through the platform, allowing buyers and sellers to showcase and test data LIVE while meeting with new prospects.

Data providers, if you're not already on Ensemble; by joining Virtual Discovery Day now, you’ll be able to load your historical data into our Sandbox environment - for FREE - and keep it there for 1 month post-event. This gives our community of data buyers a chance to explore your offering before and after meeting you.


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