The BattleFin Accelerator is for qualified Data
Providers who want to speed their adoption
into the finance or corporate world
BattleFin is always looking for new and interesting data sets, from companies big and small. Often times, when a player is new to the space, there can be a lot of issues that arise on their way to market. BattleFin's Alternative Data Accelerator has a 5 step success process that can quickly take qualified companies from preparation to deployment.
Let's get it on;
BattleFin's Accelerator facilitates and shortens the sales cycle for data providers that possess VALUE generating data sets. Our goal is to respond to your requirements and ACCELERATE the achievement of your GOALS.
BattleFin knows that sourcing quality data is very difficult and time consuming for buyers. That's why we first help you determine if and how your data can be used in the investment and research sectors. Through a process of data verification and validation, we prepare you to showcase your data in a way that buyers will understand and appreciate. We call it BattleFin Prep.
From startups to bluechips
Keep in mind, we work with all types of data providers from startups to blue chips and everything in-between. BattleFin can help you turn exhaust data into a viable product ready for market, leaving you with a new revenue stream. If you think you may have something worth looking at, contact the Accelerator team ASAP.
Worldwide Presence
Accelerator can also help data providers overcome a geographical challenge by acting as your US marketing and sales team. We keep pushing your products to prospective clients, arranging meetings and things in the time between Discovery Day events so you don't lose your momentum.
Get discovered
Of course, as an Accelerator client, Discovery Days are your time to shine. BattleFin's global event series provides your company with a whole bunch of great opportunities. Things like curated, high quality, face-to-face prospect meetings and even a chance to speak on a panel discussion in front of the whole audience.

Accelerator also gives companies the benefit of having helpful insights from new perspectives. Whether it's tips from our sales team or direct notes from the data buyers themselves, this 'feedback loop' helps you focus your pitch and curate your product offering in realtime and convert more sales.
Productize your Data
BattleFin Accelerator helps you productize your data for buyers. We also give your data space on our Ensemble platform where buyers can research and test your historical data in a secure online sandbox environment. As an Accelerator client, your data will be highlighted on the Ensemble dashboard, giving your company the highest visibility possible.
Our 5 step success process
Data Providers, Get Ready For