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Selling data is hard.

You need to differentiate in a world where in-person meetings are not possible…   

That’s why we’re rolling out Ensemble insights, we call them EnSights. These are full service product experiences that get directly to the point as to why data buyers should buy your data.




Ensights 2 Part Strategy

First, BattleFin works with each data provider to build an Exploration Kit that will focus on a specific insight you offer. This will inform the second part of the project, the video content. The kit will show the audience what the data looks like and give examples of where it can add value.

It’s a two-part strategy in that we need to first build the exploration kit for your data, so that when we present the content to the audience we make it clear that the kit is available for them to test now, in the Ensemble sandbox. Our goal is to generate interest and then capitalize on the momentum of interested new buyers, giving them a clear path to follow-up, ask questions and find their solutions through your data.


Exploration Kits

These are data starter kits built over our Sandbox Jupyter Notebook environments. People don't buy "Black Box" predictions so we show them the data & the code.   Watch this short video >>>>

The Script

In order to help you align your ideas and make your point concisely, BattleFin has a Script Outline Maker app to walk you through the process;




See the Sample Work Below:

Learn About Data Pulse

1:48 min

See their Data

3:27 min

Ensight Recap: Zoom

2:21 min


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