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Custom KPI Data Dashboards.

The future of alternative data is here. 

Have a specific KPI in mind? No problem. BattleFin can create dashboards tailored to your personal investing strategies and interests.   


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It's never been easier to leverage alternative data. With features like real-time updates, custom KPI's, and ticker orientated insights, BattleFin's dashboards aren't a nice to have, they're a must have



More About Data Dashboards

BattleFin's streamlined process can have your custom dashboard built quickly using your preferred datasets and metrics. Too many datasets and not sure where to start? BattleFin can recommend the perfect alternative datasets to help you gain that inside edge. 

Features Include:

  • Custom KPI and metrics
  • Real-time or daily updates
  • Ticker oriented insights and trends
  • Ensemble's full catalog of data available

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