Lost in our Ocean of Data?

No problem. With 2000+ datasets on Ensemble, it can be tricky to figure out where to start.

That's why we developed DataHunter, a tool that combines BattleFin expertise and the power of Ensemble to find the datasets that best fit your needs.


Ease of Use.

It's never been easier to find alternative data.

Just answer a few questions about sectors/KPI's of interest and BattleFin's DataHunter will do the rest!



More About BattleFin's DataHunter

With more and more alternative datasets becoming available every day and over 2000 datasets on Ensemble, it can be overwhelming to start the data sourcing process. This is where BattleFin's DataHunter tool can be perfect for recommending and finding the alternative dataset that best suits your needs to gain that inside edge. DataHunter will ask you a few quick questions about the data you’re looking for and a BattleFin representative will get back to you ASAP with a selection of data providers for you to CONNECT with on Ensemble.

Factors Taken into Account:

  • Interest/disinterest in specific companies or sectors
  • Interest in specific KPIs
  • Type of securities traded

Have a Specific Provider in Mind?

Select a provider below to CONNECT with them and a BattleFin representative will reach out.