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Why Data Mapping?

BattleFin Believes in Accessible and Global Data Sourcing.

The variety and diversity of Alt Data products has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. To make sense of this explosion of data, BattleFin has categorized the data product offerings by geography and type and presented in an easy to digest visual. It helps to rapidly identify firms and products in an area of interest.  Sourcing quality data is the 1st step.

BattleFin helps the world's largest and most advanced Corporations and Asset Managers find data.

We help Data Providers get exposure, articulate their message, develop use cases & combine with other data providers to sell more data over Ensemble

Data Mapping For Providers

It's easy to get on the map and it's FREE. 

If you are not on this map, you are missing out in getting high quality sales leads. There is no cost and BattleFin is in contact with over 14,000 data buyers.   Fill out the form below to sign up and potentially be featured.


Data Mapping for Buyers

Want an overview of the alt data market? Looking for ideas in specific categories? Don't have time to sift through multiple catalogs? If your answer is yes to any of the these questions, BattleFin data map is for you. Sign up below to see a snapshot and find out how to get the full report.


"Easier than ever to find data that delivers actionable and valuable insights" - Tim Harrington, CEO BattleFin

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