The Ensemble© platform is the online extension of our events that allows alternative data companies to showcase their data. Funds and investment firms can source, evaluate, and test alternative data.

Data scientists

Leverage BattleFin’s Alternative Data  Community

BattleFin has created the largest community of data buyers through our Global Discovery Day One-on-One meeting events. 

With Ensemble©, hedge funds and investment firms can scope out projects to use alternative data sets to track and predict specific KPI's.


Test Alternative Data Sets

The Ensemble Platform will allow hedge funds and investment firms to test alternative data sets they’ve found at the BattleFin Alternative Data Discovery Days or that are part of our Alternative Data Accelerator.

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Currently In Beta

Ensemble is currently in Beta.  We are actively looking for data providers to add to the platform. 

If you are interested in learning more fill out the form below.  

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