The BattleFin Ensemble© platform is the online extension of our events that allows alternative data companies to showcase their data and investment firms to source, evaluate, and test alternative data.

Data scientists

Leverage BattleFin’s Elite Data Scientist Community

With Ensemble©, hedge funds and investment firms can scope out projects to use alternative data sets to track and predict specific KPIs.


Test Alternative Data Sets

The Ensemble Platform will allow hedge funds and investment firms to test alternative data sets they’ve found at the BattleFin Alternative Data Discovery Days or that are part of the our Alternative Data Accelerator.

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Currently In Beta

Ensemble is currently in Beta and will be fully rolled out at our BattleFin London event on September 26th and 27th , 2018. Data Buyers will be able to access and test the data providers data that are in attendance. Standardized NDA, Testing Agreements & Compliance checks will be completed one time.

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