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BattleFin helps investment firms and corporations make better, faster and more profitable decisions with data.

Introducing the BattleFin Alternative Data Challenge: Asia

A contest to identify and showcase the top alternative data providers in Asia

$30,000 USD + Worth of awards

Exposure to Hedge Funds, VC's, PE Firms and Corporations looking to buy data. Apply HERE for a chance to highlight your data!

Apply Now to The Alt Data Challenge: Asia



BattleFin Believes in Accessible and Global Data Sourcing!

The variety and diversity of Alt Data products has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 11 years. To make sense of this explosion of data, BattleFin has categorized the data product offerings by geography and type and presented in an easy to digest visual. It helps to rapidly identify firms and products in an area of interest.  Sourcing quality data is the 1st step.

Next up, Data Mapping Asia - Apply HERE to be featured on the map.  Download the European Data Map below!


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What makes us different

Data Connectors

Powered by Ensemble AI, BattleFin connects the right providers to the right buyers in an organized Directory

Unique datasets

BattleFin vets Alternative Data from companies globally 

Supercharged Events

Discovery Day Events are the largest Alternative Data events in the U.S., Europe and Asia

Power of AI

BattleFin's Ensemble AI is ChatGPT for Data Sourcing. Easier than ever to find data that delivers actionable insights

Data Experts

Meet the BattleFin team of Data Experts and let them guide you towards making the right connections to make better, more profitable decisions

Ensemble AI: Finding data solutions faster

BattleFin Ensemble AI uses cutting-edge AI technology to make data easily accessible and simplifies the process of finding valuable insights.

Introducing the most advanced generative AI tool, designed to take the Ensemble data catalog to the next level. Get ready to easily search and find data you need, with unmatched precision and speed simply by describing your goals or research project.

Join our beta and take our AI for a test drive to unlock the full potential of your data-driven strategies.

Join our beta. It's free!

BattleFin Discovery Day

Through BattleFin Discovery Day events, we bring together Alternative Data Providers to showcase their latest datasets and solutions being used to find alpha. For alpha-seekers and investment funds BattleFin leads the industry in:, new Data Providers, new Product Announcements, and new Insights.

Join us in New York, London, Singapore, and Miami!



BattleFin Singapore 2024


Discovery Day Singapore  

March 20-21st, 2024

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


BattleFin Presents:

Rebound or Relapse, Will Asia Need More Stimulus?  What is the data telling investors

Join us in Singapore at our largest Asia event of the year at Discovery Day. Stay tuned for alt data & digital asset agenda updates!



Join us in Singapore, New York, London, Chicago, and Miami!

Discovery Day New York
May 21-22, 2024

New York City

Join us in New York at our largest Discovery Day event of the year. Stay tuned for alt data & digital asset agenda updates!

BattleFin Discovery Day Chicago 2024
Discovery Day Chicago
October 15-16th, 2024

Magnificent Mile

BattleFin is hosting its first-ever Discovery Day on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago for 2024.  Experience two full days of action packed content in Alternative Data, Corporate Data, and Digital Assets.
Discovery Day London 2024
Discovery Day London
November 2024

London Stock Exchange

Join us at our largest European event of 2024! Discovery Day London will bring together a global perspective of cutting-edge alternative data providers and buyers.


Battlefin Ensights

Stay in the know about industry insights, new product launches, and alternative data in the news.


Navigating the Data Map Launches: Demystifying EU Rollouts

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Data Dictionary, what the most important features are to buyers


BattleFin Launches Corporate Discovery Day


Ensemble AI Launches at Intrepid


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08 Nov, 2023

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Battlefin Launches Corporate Discovery Day

17 Aug, 2023

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Navigating the Data Map Launches: Demystifying EU Rollouts

15 Aug, 2023

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